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  -   Employee satisfaction (ESA_biz)
  -   Organizational culture (AOC_biz)
  -   Knowledge management audit (KMA_biz)
  -   Follow up management(Afterclass_biz)

    for Public Administration

     -    Employee satisfaction (ESA_admin)
     -    Organizational culture (AOC_admin)
     -    Knowledge management audit (KMA_admin)
     -    Exploring customer satisfaction (SQA_admin)
     -    Support for recruitment process (FTB_admin)

    Use research tools and products offered by e!volve Partners

    By joining e!volve you expand the range of your services with  professional know-how and diagnostic tools. This will save you time and money. You can focus on what is really important for you Customers– on supporting them in reaching their business goals, working out and implementing solutions based on o reliably presented information.

    On-line tools for diagnosing organization

    The tools allow for a full independent diagnosis and data analysis. A user-friendly interface and a clear formula enable free support of the entire research process. All you need is a couple of clicks to carry out an assessment, as the system will guide the user step by step. The tools immediatelly generate reports with assessment results and suggested directions for improvements.

    Employee satisfaction

    A tool exploring the area of satisfatcion of employees, their significance and the expected changes. It builds and improves employee involvement. It diagnoses the strengths and weaknesses of organization. Allows defining development prioities and introducing the right improvements. Extra addition to the tool: Exploring the risk of mobbing in an organization.

    Organizational culture

    Learn the nature and the strength of organizational culture and its importance in an organization. Understand the complexity of organization and define the differences between the current and expected organizational culture, in order to point the direction for changes. Make an assessment of the company's readiness to change and learn the difference in the perception of culture by means of any definition of employee groups.

    Knowledge management

    Study the processes and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the knowledge management system within the organization. Diagnose the processes of kreating and acquiring knowledge, as well as the ways and effectiveness of its use. Place the right diagnosis and choose the apprpriate solutions that are friendly to employee and beneficial to the organization in question.

    Client satisfaction

    See the general statistic of clients and satisfaction in three aspects: comfort of using the serices, diligence and reliability of the matters addressed and the professionalism and competence of employees. Analyse individual and institutional clients separately. Learn the clients' opinions regarding the expected improvement and directions for change.

    Find The Best

    On-line tool supporting the ull recruitment process in public offices. Define the tasks and requirements for the position, verify qualifications through four-tier selection to choose the best candidate possible, set goals for them and assess their erformance after a trial period. Report progress in recruitment and communicate with candidates.


    Remote control of the entire follow up process in one tool. Reinforce the effects of training, coaching and consulting. Order and monitor post-training tasks for each participant  or for the entire group, and monitor their performance in the system. Make measurements on the third level of the Kirkpatrick model.

    Tools used by e!volve Partners:

    Mental Toughness

    The MTQ48 questionnaire is a psychometric test for measuring Mental toughness in four aspects, which are involvement, control, self-confidence, the willingness and will to accept challenges. It offers an approach that helps to understand the factors determining efficiency, well-being and positive attitude. 

    Integrated Leadership Measure

    The ILM72 tool was developed in cooperation with the ILM Institute of Leaderhip and Management. It diagnoses the style of leadershipand the effectiveness of a leader in an organization. It promotes an approach originating from all major models of leadership and the theory of motivation. It is a reliable psychometric standard that measures the style of leadership.

    Harrison Assessments

    Solutions for Employee Deveopment supporting the company in gaining an edge over competition. Unique methods for assessment, which allow introducing ctual changes – employee development through insight into the specific behavior that is necessary to achieve success. Tools that help managers to become effective leaders.

    Diversity Icebreaker

    Training tool available in 19 languages, allowing you to analyze the preferences during the training, regarding communication, building cooperation and styles in solving problems. Quick self-diagnosis allows learning the strengths in communication and gives an opportunity to work out the principles of teamwork.

    Peasant School of Business

    An economic simulation game based on the history of a weaving facility in Andrychow fro 17th century. The game is a proven and recommended training, educational and integrating tool. Te gameplay is based on interactions between the players, it is perfect for integrating groups, building a team and gives a boost of posiitive energy.

    Business Play Simulation

    Professional training tool in the form of a board game, recreating the actual principles of running a business. It combines good entertainment with competition, improves strategic thinking, managerial skills and teaches navigating the modern-day market e.g. in terms of finance management, team management, negotiations, elements of the civi law and labor law.